Air Hitch Technology

Air Hitch Technology has been a manufacturer of air ride hitches for over 20 years, offering tow products that eliminate jerking, bouncing, and chucking for all types of towing styles. With air ride technology for all hitch types, we make products for distribution in North America, Australia, and Europe by taking all the shock out of towing.

We Trade, Resell, and Refurbish Existing Hitches

Air Hitch Technology offers several options for existing customers. We have a refurbished options from simple inspecting services to stripping down and replacing all the wear parts on the hitch. Want to trade? We have you covered. We value all products in the field and have fixed trade in values for your hitch regardless of age or condition. If the hitch still functions you can trade it in for a new product. For those customers who are done towing we offer a resell option as well. Send us your hitch, we will inspect it and offer it to those customers who are in the market for a used product.

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