Receiver Hitches



  • Reduces trailer and content fatigue
  • Reduces driver fatigue
  • Increases tire and transmission life
  • Saves Gas since you are moving forward not up and down
  • Increases the life of the electronics found throughout your truck and trailer
  • Increase your ride quality
  • Improves overall safety
  • Increases your quality of life, you deserve an AIRSAFE™ hitch

With AIRSAFE™ you stop the flow of shock flow between the tow vehicle to the trailer and greatly reduce the explosion of energy when these two forces meet. The patented AIRSAFE™ hitches are engineered so the connection to the trailer is separated from the connection to the tow vehicle by an industrial-strength airbag. The air bags sit between the steel shank plate and the steel ball mount plate which glides on high-strength, self-lubricating Nyloil. The two plates are connected by four high-strength (16,200 lb. tow rated) steel tie-rods . We then bring it all together with a two-year warranty making the world’s finest engineered and most technically advanced AIRSAFE™ Receiver line.