See what some of our satisfied customers have to say about our products.

“We have been hauling our carnival equipment for over 20 years. Since using these Class VI Air Safe hitches, we have seen a tremendous difference in the over-the-road damage to our trailers—no more cracked tongues, less tire damage, and overall less wear and tear on the tow vehicle. We just don’t have the damage we used to.”

– Steve Mattfeldt, Sun Valley Rides

“This hitch is worth every penny. It made an unbelievable difference in the ride quality, especially over uneven concrete slab roads.”

– Scott Reberg, Copperas Cove, TX

“This thing is amazing. It has substantially reduced the problem I was having with kitchen items bouncing. The ride in the pickup is so much better, it is great. Thank you.”

– Wes Schumann

“Let me tell you the hitch made a HUGE difference in our travels. I noticed the difference just pulling out of the driveway. Very satisfied.”

– Thad Powell

“To say I love my Airsafe gooseneck hitch would be an understatement. I pull a 40' Big Tex Trailer with a 3500 Ram dually. Before I added the hitch, the ride was terrible. As soon as it was installed, the difference was immediate. I almost couldn’t believe it. I pull 15–25k pounds, and it rides so much better. I know it will save wear and tear on my truck. Thank you.”

– Randall Pennington